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My services include Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT), Third Wave CBT Therapies, CFT - Compassion Focused Therapy, BA - Behavioural Activation Therapy and much more...

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"Val took a real personal interest in my problems and made me feel very relaxed. She was clearly affected by what I had been through and showed a real honest empathy. Whilst a very painful experience, re-visiting the events surrounding the trauma has helped me to gain a new perspective. This has helped me to come to terms with it. I was very 'touched' by the laminated quotations given to me on our last session. Again I felt a real tangible empathy from Val, which left me feeling I had made progress. I had standard counselling before. The trauma-focused CBT I received from Val was a lot more structured and focused. I actually left the sessions feeling some benefit, the same cannot be said of previous counselling I received."

-Timothy (name changed) 2018.

"I found Val to be understanding and very easy to talk to. From what I went through Val dealt with it perfectly for me. I found the most helpful thing was when I went back to dealt with my childhood trauma as that was the light bulb moment when I realised I had done everything possible."

- Sylvia (name changed) 2018.

"Being able to talk and every meeting I got structure in my daily routine and on my life. CBT was the right therapy because I was very depressed when I started. It helped me a lot because every session my CBT activity diary helped me to look forward".

- Debbie (name changed) 2018.

"Val was friendly and relaxed, made me feel very comfortable. What I found most helpful was the CBT therapy was focused on plans and strategies to cope with stress and worry in the future. I found my CBT therapy with Val to be more constructive, positive and more teaching of tools than with other talking therapies I have attended."

- Verona (name changed) 2018.

"I found the therapy helpful because Val listened and asked questions to provoke thoughts. I found Val open and helpful".

- Tony (name changed) 2018.

"Val was understanding of my position and made me think about what I needed and helped me to establish desired outcomes. What I found most helpful was the all round support from Val and the 'lending of an ear'. The therapy has helped me to get to a positive viewpoint and I now have confidence going forward".

- Nigel (name changed) 2018.

"I felt comfortable straight way in Val's company and I knew she would be able to help me and she did. What I found most helpful was my CBT 'homework', which was a weekly activity diary it highlighted how sad, lonely and isolated I had become. Also using a thought monitoring diary highlighted a theme of work problems. CBT has given me the tools to make me well and prevent me from going to the 'dark place' ever again! Val you helped me find myself again and gave me the strength and encouragement to love life and myself again. I'm so glad I made that first appointment".

- Carol (name changed) 2017.

"Val is personable, calming and professional. What I found most helpful was the CBT exercises to help with panic attacks and problem solving".

- Helen (name changed) 2017.

"What I found most helpful was that you listened and I felt that you did not judge me and made me feel comfortable from the outset. Everything you did was brilliant for me personally; you pushed me to do things, but didn't push me too much. Every aspect of this therapy worked for me. I am now a different person. How you turned such a negative in to a positive was truly unbelievable. Thank you so much, you have more than helped me, everyone can see I am a new person since having the therapy, the best money I have spent in a very long time. Thank you".

- Lyn (name changed) 2017.

"Val was calm and professional at all times with the right amount of empathy. The therapy has given 'the old me' back - happy, positive and confident again. Thank you Val the result I was hoping for but thought never possible in such a short space of time".

- Peter (name changed) 2016.

"Val was flexible to all discussion and observations with effective, clear guiding comment and goals. Established confidence in therapy through advice, comment without criticism or negative judgment. Val is experienced, skilled observation, humanitarian, patient and attractive. What I found most helpful was assessment, EMDR and CBT and professional well managed timescale with therapy techniques, which enabled sound successful results and outcome. Clear early progress focus to resolve accident trauma reaction for personal and future wellbeing".

- John (name changed) 2016.

"Val was easy to talk to. I felt sand and able to share my thoughts and feelings. Anything I forgot, Val calmly went over again. The therapy helped me to understand and cope with what I was experiencing. Understanding what was happening and why really enabled me to help myself".

- Lynsey (name changed) 2016.

"She offered an impartial ear. Struck the right balance between professional and warm/approachable. The first few sessions were led by the therapist. I found it hard when the onus was on me to 'lead the session' but I think I got better at this and as I did I gained more from the sessions. Val helped me to recognise unhelpful thought processes. Reminded me how important it is to stay active and maintain relationships with others. Initially I was cautious about 'blaming' my difficulties on past life events, but therapy helped me to see how life has shaped me in to the person I am now. I would recommend CBT and Val in particular. It has given me a new perspective on life and how I behave and react to others. I still get emotional when I remember how hopeless I used to feel. It is so nice to look forward to things again. Thank you Val".

- Hazel (name changed) 2016.

"What I found helpful was Val's understanding, never felt that she was judging me. Every session was productive and I always left feeling positive. What I found the most helpful was to change my thought processes. To look at situations from different perspectives".

- Pam (name changed) 2016.

"Val helped me to understand my situation and gave me good and helpful exercises to help me with my thinking. I found it most helpful when she gave me an explanation on how my thinking affected how I was feeling and advice on how to manage my thinking".

- Tony (name changed) 2016.

"She was calm, methodical, professional and clear. I found it helpful understanding my negative automatic thoughts, learning how to respond, learning to take proper breaks and pacing myself and the relapse prevention exercise. Val has been a major help in my life. The therapy has helped me to successfully manage my M.E/CFS, to deal with exhausting and stressful situations at work and in relationships. My whole attitude has changed. Thank you Val."

- James (name changed) 2016.

"Val made me feel at ease and I was comfortable discussing my problems. I found the CBT therapy very helpful and think it will help improve my self-esteem and confidence in time, especially the thought monitoring, which helps me see things from a different perspective".

- Julie (name changed) 2016.

"Val was friendly, relaxed, normalised problems, listened and didn't use jargon. The therapy helped me to see why I sometimes think the way I do, how to challenge thoughts and also balance my lifestyle with time and put in time for pleasurable activities".

- Fran (name changed) 2016.

"All the 'tools' helped me to identify and be aware of my thoughts and where they were taking me too. Therapist sympathetic and completely and quickly understood my situation. The different' tools' were helpful and the relapse management exercise acted like the glue to bring it all together. Sorry for the delay in getting the feedback form to you I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I feel more aware, in control and the 'tools' have been valuable, which I will pass on to my family".

- Steve (name changed) 2016.

"I came to see you for a course of CBT in early 2010 to help me with the loss of use of my right hand following a serious car accident. At the time I resigned from a good job with a large firm because my confidence was at such a low ebb. Shortly after I concluded my course of treatment with you I found a job. I have now been offered a job back at the large firm from which I resigned about 6 years ago. I have also got married and have a beautiful 3 year old son. I want to send you (very!) belated thanks for helping me get my life back on track. Following my sessions with you my mental state improved considerably and my self-confidence started to return."

- Mike (name changed) 2015.

"Val was very easy to talk to. Let me speak – didn’t feel rushed. I found the professional sheets and use of key words useful."

- Brian (name changed) 2015.

"Val had a calm relaxing manner, positive, explained each session thoroughly, quite relaxing surroundings. Val was very helpful and constructive. I found it helpful to write my feelings down, understanding my feelings rather than reacting to them. If I need CBT therapy again I will most definitely contact Val. Thank you."

- Joan (name changed) 2015.

"What I found most helpful was that Val explained each step and why she chose that style of treatment for me. She listened and then talked through it with me in a realistic manner. She was frank, direct, explained what the CBT treatment was for – made me face head in into the issue rather than skirt round it. Homework exercises helped me to face my phobia. I now believe the CBT therapy I had previously with someone else was more of a counselling style than CBT."

- Carol (name changed). 2015.

"I never had CBT before – very useful to help you evaluate your behaviour and make the right changes. Val listened and helped me find solutions through looking at things differently. I found managing my time, pacing myself, saying no or delegating what I can’t do and managing peoples expectations of me useful. Thank you for helping me see things differently allowing me to make improvements to help me feel in control again."

- Geraldine (name changed) 2015.

"Over time I came to feel you understood me in a way few others have and this was so reassuring."

- David (name changed). 2015.

"Val was very understanding and excellent throughout the CBT therapy. The therapy helped me with my depression 100%. Brilliant!! Val changed my way of thinking. She knew exactly what I was experiencing, thank you Val."

- Adrian (name changed). 2015.

"What I found most helpful was it addressed the root cause, whilst developing coping skills. The "homework" helped me place things in perspective. I found it all relative to my circumstances and needs. I also found the format to timeline events and identifying unhelpful behaviour were invaluable."

- Tom (name changed) 2015

"Val listened and got to the bottom of my problems and then helped me develop realistic strategies to move forward. She allowed me to talk and analyse where my problems were and gave me practical exercises and advice to help solve or cope with them. I held off completing the feedback questionnaire as I am aware that there is often a 'honeymoon' period with such treatment! I am happy to say after more than six months I feel mentally well and happy despite considerable work pressures. I would recommend you to other people who I come across who have similar challenges/issues. Thank you for all the help you gave me. I really appreciated it!"

- Gavin (name changed) 2014

"What I found most helpful about the therapy was that it was a relaxed and totally life changing experience. Valerie, You have changed my life. Thank you."

- Carl (name changed) 2014

"Val has an approachable demeanour and was easy to talk to, even with difficult topics. Sessions were well planned and structured, which helped me with my progress. Also I had a say in what was covered in each session which was useful."

- Cathy (name changed) 2014

"I just want to say a big thank you for helping me get over my fear of driving and being in cars. It's been a massive help I still have a way to go but use all your advice that you have given me so thank you."

- Sonya (name changed) 2014

"I have been to Val before and found her understanding, positive and friendly approach very helpful. But other therapists via the doctors and occupational health at work were unhelpful they just sat there and wanted me to help myself with no guidance. Val guided me through that is why I chose her again."

- Lucy (name changed) 2014

"Warmth, approachability, alertness, incisiveness. A willingness to laugh - serious things are not always serious. Professionalism, focus on identifying and tackling the problem. Patience and effort to understand me and a willingness to push me hard when that was what I needed. She didn't shy away from taking me into areas that cause me pain, because that's part of the healing process. I realise that it wasn't just me being brave on these occasions. You were slower and more contemplative when I needed time to puzzle out my thoughts and feelings. I got a very strong sense that all your work was very carefully considered and tailored specifically to me. Compared to three other therapists over the last six years - they look like sincere well-meaning dilettantes. You look like a seasoned professional who gets results. This has been life-changing stuff. Burdens I've carried for 40 years have been dismantled, dealt with and disposed of. I walk taller and easier. I'm healthy and relaxed and close to my full potential for the first time ever. Thank you so much."

- Tim (name changed) 2014

"Excellent therapist, really helpful. Practical and structured sessions. Val taught me techniques to deal with issues, good listening skills and appropriate questioning. The homework exercises helped me to think about what was happening and my responses to situations and she equipped me with techniques to help me deal with things in the future."

- Bill (name changed) 2014

"Thank you for all of the help and support that you have given me. It has truly changed how I view my life and how I deal with it."

- Amy (name changed) 2014

"Just to say thank you for being a wonderful tutor and supervisor. You are just brilliant and I do appreciate everything."

- (Trainee CBT therapist) 2013

"Thank you Val for being an excellent supervisor."

- (Trainee CBT therapist) 2013

"Thank you for all your help and providing amazing and consistent supervision."

- (Trainee CBT therapist) 2013

"It has been a difficult period in my life as I explained to the doctor. When he referred me to Val I found it incredibly useful. Val is worth her weight in gold and has helped me find the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel."

- Julie (name changed) 2013

"Thank you for all the help you gave me when I was coming to see you. Our wedding day was wonderful and a part of me believes without your help it wouldn't have happened."

- Stephanie (name changed) 2013

"Thank you I really appreciate your help and now I know that I have the skills to stay happy - I can be more assertive and happy too."

- Marion (name changed) 2013

"Just to say a big thank you for doing such a good job with me- it's great to be back to 'normality' - although I reserve the right to come back in a couple of years!!"

- Angela (name changed) 2013

"Just a note to say thank you for helping me through a difficult journey, which without your help, support and kindness I would not have made."

- Steve (name changed) 2013

"Thank you ever so much for all the help and guidance you have given me. I now feel able to deal with my condition by myself and appreciate you teaching me the steps to combat it."

- Rachael (name changed) 2013

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